Our Values

A quality service at the best price.

Timeliness, Good Service, Satisfaction, these are the objectives guiding our actions.

Les Messageries Sans Limites listens to his customers. We take pride in actively improving our efficiency in order to provide our clients with the best quality service possible. We aim at our customers’ satisfaction, it is our main goal.

Our employees are proud to timelessly contribute to our company’s goals for excellence. They adhere to the principles of efficiency and commitment to ensure success.

Our History

Les Messageries Sans Limites started in 1995 and never stop growing since then, adding numerous satisfied customers. Founded by Mr. Paul-André Beaulieu, and still in charge, the company also counts among its managing staff, Karl Beaulieu, his son.

Coming from the courier delivery background, its founder never stopped listening to his clients and made a personal commitment to always improve the line of services offered.

A quality service combined with the loyalty of its customers stand among the most important reasons for our success.

Since its opening, our company has always been able to adapt to an ever changing market and to numerous technological improvements. We are a dynamic team always on the lookout for changes in order to maintain a line of services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.


Postal Box 103, Repentigny (Québec) J6A 5H7
Fax : (514) 645-7779
Email: info@lmsl.ca


Hotline 24/7

Montreal Area : (514) 645-2227
Toll Free : 1-(888) 725-2227